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With the music streaming app Bugs! you can listen to great music from the Korean music scene, and the rest of the world, for free! This app puts millions of songs from some of the world’s most popular artists at your fingertips!

One of this app’s best features is that you don’t need an account to start listening to music. Simply download the app to start listening to loads of popular songs and featured playlists in a matter of seconds.

Although you can listen to music without logging in, there are more features to enjoy if you create an account. Once you log in, there's even more music available to stream, including some from the world's most popular artists. Not only that, but you can also download music and listen anytime, even without an internet connection.

On top of all that, Bugs! has a clear, easy-to-use interface. Listen to the latest hits from South Korea -and the rest of the world- with the great music streaming app Bugs!

Android 5.0 or higher required