Card Heroes


Choose your cards well and challenge players from around the world


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Card Heroes is a card game where you get to create a deck of just four cards to face off against AI opponents or other players online. On top of that, since the game features so few cards, the matches tend to be short and sweet.

The gameplay in Card Heroes is simple: on each turn you can use one of your cards, each of which are displayed on the table from the start. Each card has its own stats and special abilities. Some cards, like the elf archer, let you attack any of the enemy cards on the table, while others like the horseman can only attack the cards in the front row.

As you win battles and advance in the story, you can earn more and more cards. As usual in these kinds of games, duplicate cards can be used to level up your units. While a level one mage has just four life points, a level five mage can have eight.

Card Heroes is an extraordinary card game with simple, quick, and addictive gameplay. On top of that, you can play alone through the extensive Adventure Mode, or online against other players in the arena. The arena works a lot like another popular card game, Hearthstone.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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