Critical Strike


End the terrorist threat with this FPS


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Critical Strike is an FPS strongly inspired by the classic Counter Strike and with which it shares both its visual style and gameplays, though perhaps one might wish for a greater variety of game modes.

In Critical Strike you play a member of an antiterrorist squad that has to take down all the terrorists in the area. To do it you've got a wide array of weapons that you can expand and upgrade by investing the money you earn with your victories – not to mention a series of perks that let you improve your character's physical skills as well.

The only game mode that Critical Strike has is the ubiquitous Team Deathmatch, where you face off against a rival team until the respawns of one side finally stop. Although the game modes aren't particularly varied, the maps definitely are, with an impeccable design that'll remind you of the golden age of LAN games.

Though a multiplayer mode would be terrific, Critical Strike remains a must-have experience for all lovers of FPS games.
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