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Get access to an enormous catalog of high quality music with the music streaming app Xiami Music (虾米音乐). With more then 10 million songs available, Xiami music has one of the largest music databases in China!

Even with millions of songs, navigating through this app is easy and intuitive thanks to its bright and clear interface, which makes it easy to start listening to music from the moment you open the app. Listen to your favorite songs or albums, or enjoy great playlists created by Xiami Music's editors and users.

Although all the music on Xiami music is in the highest quality, you can adjust the quality and other settings. Not only that, this app includes each song's lyrics, transforming your smartphone into a karaoke machine!

The Xiami Music app is a great way to listen to music online. Although it's designed for the Chinese market, it has loads of great music from other countries as well. Not only that, but the more you listen, the more the app's music recommendations will fit your tastes. Give it a try and find your next favorite artist... in extremely high quality!

Android 4.3 or later versions

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