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Regularly cleaning your Android is an excellent way to avoid future problems that might surface and that sometimes you can't see and therefore stop. Hi Security is an app that can help you keep your smartphone as safe and fast as it was on the first day.

This app has tons of features, but there is definitely one that stands out; the antivirus. With its powerful scanner it screens absolutely all the files that are stored in your smartphone and lets you know if it has found any problem or malicious element. This app keeps your Android safe from any threat, wherever it may come.

On the other hand, Hi Security is capable of protecting your browsing by averting the access to any harmful URL, so, you gain extra security in your day to day life. Also, it lets you know how reliable your WiFi connection is, so you’ll get a notification if there’s a problem. Finally, you’ll be safe in all aspects while you save battery with just one click on your screen.
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