Light It Up


Jump over all the squares and complete every level


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Light It Up is a beautiful arcade that challenges you to show off your skills by making sure the stick figure jumps from one square to the next to make them light up.

Gameplay in Light It Up is simple but the game couldn't be any more addicting: with the help of only two buttons (one to jump towards the right and the other one towards the left), you have to make sure that your stick figure friend jumps from one floating square to the next so that all these geometric shapes light up and fill the screen with light and color. During your journey, you have to also collect the stars that are patiently waiting for you in between the squares. Keep in mind that you'll complete each level when you've jumped on every single floating square on your screen and they're all lit up. However, and here comes the tricky part, the squares won't remain static. That's right, they react to your jumps so the map will vary and what seemed really simple at first, will start getting more complex.

The game offers truly eye-catching visuals as well as a simple but addicting gameplay. Light It Up also includes a super fun gaming experience that'll keep you entertained while you rack your brain to figure out how you can jump over every single square.
By Beatriz

Android 4.1 or greater is required