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SNOW Selfie Motion Sticker is a photo-editing app that lets you add some fun to your selfies with a collection of over 100 animated stickers. And, once you're done, you can easily share your photos with all your friends in a way that's similar to Snapchat.

With SNOW, it's easy to take the perfect selfie since you can see the effect of each sticker before taking the photo. Once you take the photo, in addition to stickers, you can add drawings or text in the color of your choice.

Once you've taken your photo and applied all the changes you want, you can share it directly from the app. You can also turn your creation into a short video to share it through other social networks, like Twitter or Facebook.

SNOW Selfie Motion Sticker is an excellent photo-editing app that gives great results. Although it works almost exactly like Snapchat, you can always just ignore the social element and use it for its quality editing capabilities instead.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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