Keep all your membership cards on your phone


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When different membership cards for different stores begin to accumulate, it can be impossible to keep them in order. Stocard is a tool to help you manage these cards from your device without having to keep them on your person.

To set up your account, look through the Stocard list to find stores where you have discounts or points and enter your number. You can enter your number manually or by scanning the barcode or image on the card, which will save you time if you have many cards. If you don't see the store you want, you can do an advanced search by the name of the store or the country in which it is located.

Once you've linked all your membership cards, you can access them by clicking on each store's logo. This way, when you shop at those stores, all you have to do is show the card on your device to get your discount or points.

Stocard also has a deals tab where you can search for promotional discounts for any of the stores that you have cards for. It's a good way to stay on top of every possible discount and sale and not pay any more than you have to.