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Top Speed on asphalt


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Top Speed is a racing game where players can get behind the wheel of more than 60 different vehicles inspired by some of the most popular models of all time. What's more, you can customize them using a variety of paint and decals.

Take part in races across the whole city, earning yourself both money and fame in the process. With your prize money you can buy new parts to improve the cars in your garage or even purchase new cars.

The driving system in Top Speed is quite straightforward. Basically, you need to press the accelerator at the just the right moment at the start of the race and then tap the clutch when you want to shift gears. If all goes well, you're sure to bag the victory.

Top Speed is a great racing game with stunning graphics and a huge number of vehicles and settings available. A thrilling title, with an appealing story mode where you even get to compete against various final bosses.

The default setting of the game is in Arabic, but can be changed into English using the settings menu.


Android 4.0.3 or higher required

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