X5 M40 and A5 Simulator


Drive more than a dozen different cars with total freedom


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X5 M40 and A5 Simulator is a free-driving game where you can get behind the wheel of more than a dozen different vehicles that run the gamut from sports cars and all-terrain vehicles to pickups and monster trucks. Plus you can pick from four different colors for each of your vehicles.

In the options you can choose from several different control systems: a virtual steering wheel, arrow buttons, or the device's accelerometer. Whatever controls you pick, all the vehicles are quite easy to drive and respond correctly to your orders.

X5 M40 and A5 Simulator doesn't have races or any kind of online competitions. Instead what you can do is drive freely through three different cities. Two of them are very alike, while the other, set on a snowy mountain, challenges you with a rather more complicated landscape.

X5 M40 and A5 Simulator is a very entertaining 3D driving game that offers tons of vehicles unlocked from the get-go, letting you cruise worry-free through all sorts of sumptuous settings.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher