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Youku is a Chinese app that you can use to stream tons of movies and TV series. Almost all the content on the app has Chinese audio and, in most cases, Chinese subtitles, too.

Youku hosts more than 160 million videos, the majority of which are perfectly organized to help you find what you want more easily. So if you're interested in a certain TV series, for example, you can easily find all its episodes.

Unlike similar apps, with Youku, you'll never have a problem streaming a video. To watch a video, usually all you have to do is tap on the video you want to watch, and it starts playing in just a few seconds.

Youku is a great app for streaming videos. It has an incredible amount of content, all of which you can keep in your pocket. TV series, movies, documentaries, sporting events... you'll find everything right here.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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